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3033 Light Grey Primer - zdjęcie 1
  • 3033 Light Grey Primer - zdjęcie 1
  • 3033 Light Grey Primer - zdjęcie 2
  • 3033 Light Grey Primer - zdjęcie 3
  • 3033 Light Grey Primer - zdjęcie 4
  • 3033 Light Grey Primer - zdjęcie 5

3033 Light Grey Primer
Zero Paints 3033

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Light Grey Primer Airbrush Ready
  • Improved adhesion to Plastic Parts
  • Smooth Finish
  • Supplied in Glass Jars for long shelf life
  • Light Grey Colour - great under any colour basecoat
  • Pre-thinned for Airbrushing
  • Excellent Sealing Power
  • Fast Drying
  • Easy to Sand
  • For cleaning of equipment use Zero Paints Airbrush Cleaner

Application Guide
Before applying any Primer :
Wash and clean the plastic to remove the mold release agent (all kits have this) ( we recommend using Key and Clean, Rinse the plastic well making sure that the soap/cleaner is completely washed off. The primer will not adhere to the plastic item if there are still any residue left. Leave to dry comletley

Shake or Stir for about 2 mins until the ball bearing rattles freely, ensuring contents is completely mixed before use.
Ensure surfaces to be coated are dry and free from all traces of contaminants.
Spray at 15-40 psi. 2-3 coats are recommended leaving 5 mins between coats.
If you only apply a light mist coat it will not adhere to the plastic
To give a less absorbent and glossy finish the surface should be lightly polished with 1200/1500 wet and dry paper or micromesh.
Air drying at 20°C: Dust-free: 5 min, Touch Dry: 10 min and Hard Dry 30 mins.
Relocatable/Applying Basecoat : After 30 mins at 20°C

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Zero Paints 3033


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