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Rail Center - Stone Railway Bridges - zdjęcie 1
  • Rail Center - Stone Railway Bridges - zdjęcie 1

Rail Center - Stone Railway Bridges
AMMO of Mig Jimenez R1022

Pojemność [ml] 6x17

73,70 zł

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Rail Center is AMMO´s new exclusive range of acrylic colours for painting rolling stock of all scales. Acrylic Colors Set 6 jars 17ml.

Rail Center is the new range of acrylic paints for painting scale railway equipment. This selection of colours allows you to quickly paint all types of stones used in railway bridges without complicated colour mixtures. 6 x 17ml.

Exclusive to AMMO. The Rail Center range of paints is formulated with the highest quality controls, resulting in paints with high resistance and very vivid colours. Thanks to their new formulation they are suitable for brush application, leaving a smooth and uniform surface with very little work. This series of acrylic paints can also be applied by airbrush using the specific thinner AMMO.R-0500 RAIL CENTER ACRYLIC THINNER.

Included colors in this Set:

  • AMMO.R-0023 RAIL CENTER Boiler Brown
  • AMMO.R-0026 RAIL CENTER Concrete
  • AMMO.R-0027 RAIL CENTER Ochre Sand
  • AMMO.R-0030 RAIL CENTER Light Grey
  • AMMO.R-0032 RAIL CENTER Medium Ash Grey
  • AMMO.R-0039 RAIL CENTER Wagon Grey
Szczegóły produktu
AMMO of Mig Jimenez R1022


Pojemność [ml]
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3 dni
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